Modelling and Simulation of Two Gear Electric Vehicle in MATLAB SIMULINK

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Yasir Sheikh
Sudarshan Khond
Mohan Renge


With evolution of Electric drives design for electric vehicles, key aspects such as control, dynamic performance, efficiency and weight-torque ratio are some of the key parameters considered for optimization. Of these, torque to weight ratio is pivotal. As a typical traction load requires high starting torque and low torque during high speed, direct motor coupling may result in oversizing of motor or motor insufficient to drive desired load. Thus to optimize weight, size, cost and torque to weight ratio of an electric drive, gear system is used that provides high torque at standstill to start and accelerate the vehicle and high speed with required torque once the vehicle is set in motion. In this paper we aim to demonstrate Two-gear-Electric vehicle driven using induction motor with V/F control where it will be apparent how use of gear box optimises electric drive rating and related parameters.

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