Review on Solar PV Application Oriented Multilevel Inverters

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Manisha Pandey
Kalyani M. Gajbhiye
Vijay B Borghate
Sidharth Sabyasachi
Hari Babu Gobburi


Multilevel inverter is one of the leading research topics over last decades and it has various applications in industries. Now days, more emphasis given on integration of renewable energy sources with convention sources to reduce the dependency on conventional sources as they face problem like environmental issues, non-availability of fuel, etc. So, various multilevel inverter topologies, control techniques, applications in renewable energy sources and problem faced in power generation and solutions being developed for effective link between renewable energy sources and grid. ThisĀ  paper aim to review on some of the topologies, control technique which are developed recently.

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Pandey, M., Gajbhiye, K. M. ., Borghate, V. B., Sabyasachi, S., & Gobburi, H. B. . (2020). Review on Solar PV Application Oriented Multilevel Inverters. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(02), 38-42. Retrieved from