Developing Optimization Modelling Methodology for Production Costs Generation

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Sekisov A.N
Solovyova E.V.
Gura D.A.
Mikheev G.V.
Kovtunenko M.G.


Based on the developed model and the conceptual scheme of production cost generation improvement, the technique is proposed that allows to optimize the work of the building complex enterprise cost mechanism by choosing the best option for the correlation of the levels of influence of production cost development factors on cost indicators and the levels of their manageability. The developed methodological mechanism to improve the functioning of the cost-education system in companies is of significant practical importance and is based on the conclusions of theoretical studies, as well as on the results of the analytical study of construction enterprise activities.

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Sekisov A.N, Solovyova E.V., Gura D.A., Mikheev G.V., & Kovtunenko M.G. (2020). Developing Optimization Modelling Methodology for Production Costs Generation. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(02), 63-71. Retrieved from