Optimization of Lighting Conditions With LED Light Sources

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Ivan V. Blentsov
Olga E. Zheleznikova
Olga S. Voynova
Dmitry S. Batarshev


The article is devoted to the description of the results of experimental studies evaluating the effectiveness of lighting installations with LEDs. It was found that LED lighting does not cause harmful effects on the visual organ and the human body as a whole. Changes in the functional parameters of the visual organ that occur during visual work are included in the corresponding boundaries of physiological vibrations and are reversible. We estimated the integral indicators of LED lighting efficiency and showed practical significance of the results.

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Ivan V. Blentsov, Olga E. Zheleznikova, Olga S. Voynova, & Dmitry S. Batarshev. (2020). Optimization of Lighting Conditions With LED Light Sources. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(02), 87-93. Retrieved from https://helixscientific.pub/index.php/home/article/view/115