Study of a Radius of Action and Sprinkler Density Distribution

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M. Hasan
Е. Kuznetsov
A. Almatar
A. Khadzhidi


The efficiency of rotary sprinklers is determined by the radius of action which the area, average rate and potential of crop irrigation depend on. The maximum distance between the sprinklers, the required quality of water spraying is measured by the radius of action. Dependences of the radius of action on the pressure and diameter of the nozzle of the rotary sprinkler are the main parameters that allow for the optimization of the irrigation of crops. The radius of action of sprinkler affects the operating cost of sprinkler irrigation systems. The paper presents the studies on the effect of pressure and diameter of the sprinkler nozzle on the radius of action and density of spray by rotary sprinkler, taking into account climatic forcers. The attained results are compared with the earlier experimental studies. The calculated dependences to determine the radius of action on pressure and the diameter of the rotary sprinkler nozzle have been obtained.

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M. Hasan, Е. Kuznetsov, A. Almatar, & A. Khadzhidi. (2020). Study of a Radius of Action and Sprinkler Density Distribution. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(02), 112-116. Retrieved from