IOT Based Stress Detection and Health Monitoring System

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N. Padmaja
D.V.S Manaswi
B.Sathish Kumar


The effects of stress are causing rigorous damage to the mental as well as physical state of humans. It is very difficult to identify whether a person is in stress. The person may look healthier physically but may not be in a state of good health due to the stress within the body. Their mental stability also gets affected and may further lead to chronic ailments due to persistent stress. However, it is very essential to monitor stress levels regularly which help in diagnosis of any abnormalities in the body that may lead to chronic illness in future. The Wireless networks based on IOT (Internet of Things) provides wide range of opportunities to monitor stress levels regularly and transmit the information to the concerned for immediate action. A model is designed and developed to detect the stress levels using various sensors such as heartbeat rate, blood pressure (BP), body temperature and concentration of CO2 gas. Further based on the values of these sensors, the levels of stress is calculated and the information is transmitted using IOT.

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N. Padmaja, A.Anusha, D.V.S Manaswi, & B.Sathish Kumar. (2020). IOT Based Stress Detection and Health Monitoring System. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(02), 161-167. Retrieved from