Intelligent Line Follower Robot using MSP430G2ET for Industrial Applications

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Viswanatha V
Sourav Sutradhar
Siddhant Kumar
Shivam Kumar


In this article, intelligent line follower is designed and implemented using MSP430G2ET controller which is industry standard controller since it has much more capable libraries.

It detects black line which the robot has to follow using infrared sensors on a white surface with a high contrasted color. Unlike normal black line follower, this robot is featured with obstacle detection and stop with alert using ultrasonic sensor and buzzer until its removed on black line which is predefined path for it and hence prevent itself from getting damaged by the obstacle on the predefined path. Unlike this , if any wireless protocol is used to stop upon finding obstacle, efficiency of the system degrades with draining of battery. This is an efficient with usage of ultrasonic sensor and robust with industry standard controller. This type of systems can perform lot of tasks in industries, like material handling and replace traditional conveyer belts. It also finds application in domestic tasks like health care management.

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