Cloud Computing and Security in the IoT Era

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Yahya Abssi
Shailendra Mishra
Manoj Kumar Shukla


Advancements in information technology, and transfer of data online leading to the vulnerabilities and giving an invitation to cyber threats. Security and privacy are important issues in cloud storage and networking fields. Cloud computing created an environment that facilitates the internet of things. The cloud computing technology consisted of servers, applications, and other storage devices, relying on the virtual connection. The stored information in clouds can be manipulated without the need for extensive physical activities. The internet of things devices provide information and services through information and communication technology, these end-node IoT devices are not very intelligent and resource-constrained thus they are vulnerable to cyber threats. It posed an issue of insecurity as malicious individuals learned ways of intruding these systems and causing intellectual and physical losses. The study proposes numerous solutions for the challenges of privacy and security in the cloud and IoT. The paper provides an in-depth examination of security challenges in cloud computing and IoT. The methodology uses the interpretive technique. The results depict the importance of the machine and deep learning in cyber-attack and mitigation.  Analysis of variance (ANOVA) test statistics is used to test the reliability of the study.

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