Development of Algorithm for Calculating the Remaining Life of Thermal Spray Coating

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Ainar R. Ibragimov
Lenar N. Shafigullin
Azat T. Gabdrakhmanov


In today’s world, the product lifecycle monitoring technology has become widely used as it enables collection of data bulk and online processing. Therefore, it ensures the efficient use of monitored products and cost saving due to prevention of accidents, failures and other consequences.These investigations also involved thermal spray coatings. The previous papers mostly dealt with the investigations of the mechanical properties of coatings and addressed the spraying modes to improve them. This paper describes the operating principle of the software to calculate the remaining life of thermal spray coatings based on the knowledge about their accumulation and degradation limits.It used the results of 4-point bending tests at different loads as data. During the cycling tests the rate of plastic deformation accumulation was calculated, the math model was made, and the software is based on this model. As a result of these complex studies on 4-point bending, software was developed with an algorithm for calculating the residual life of the gas-thermal coating. It allows you to predict the performance of coatings depending on the calculation of various loads.

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R. Ibragimov, A. ., N. Shafigullin, L. ., & T. Gabdrakhmanov, A. . (2019). Development of Algorithm for Calculating the Remaining Life of Thermal Spray Coating. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 9(04), 5187-5190. Retrieved from