Designing a Minimum Data Set of Triage Section in the Hospital Information System

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soheyla gholami
Elham Khodabandehloo
Zahra Jamaly
Neda Dehnad
Bayaneh Ahmadi
Atoosa Mafi Mafi
Zohre Sahraei


Background: The triage process prioritizes emergency care patients as a first step, and distributes them to different levels of triage based on the severity of clinical conditions. Since this method depends on the memory of the triage performer, it may be affected by lack of time, complexity of triage, and bias, causing nurse confusion and ultimately affecting patient safety. One of the interventions that can improve the efficiency and quality of patient
care in this unit is the use of electronic medical records, so the present study aimed to design a minimum data set to collect data in a uniform and standard way in the triage unit. Methods: This is a descriptive-analytic study that was performed in hospitals affiliated to Qazvin University of Medical Sciences that had emergency medicine specialty in 2018. The study population consisted of 15 emergency medicine specialty and triage nurse
practitioners who were selected by convenience sampling. To collect data from was used a researcher-made questionnaire designed that Validity and reliability of checklists were assessed by emergency medicine specialty and triage nurse in pre-hospital emergency with Cronbach's alpha of 0.89. The results were analyzed using SPSS 21 and statistical indices. Results: The survey results indicate that 6 data elements should be considered as
mandatory components of MDS for the triage department. These elements include basic triage information, timing, evacuation, accidents, life-threatening conditions and counseling. Conclusion: The findings of the study indicated that minimal data design can lead to standardization and effective management of data by providing comprehensive data elements for triage, thus improving the quality of care, speed of emergency services and
reducing costs. And most importantly increase patient satisfaction. It will also allow comparisons of information at different levels of effective decision-making and policy-making and prevention of future injuries.

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