Ecofriendly Solar Bicycle

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Pooja Niwalkar
Smita Daware
Prachi Rane
Prachi Gujarati
Nidhi Lakhanpal


Modern technology has enabled us to capture the ills of pollution including its growth at an alarming level. In the early part of 2020 the global shutdown due to Covid-19 caused the environment to ‘Reset’ itself by cleaning it’s rivers, oceans and skies. Clean energy helps to maintain a clean environment. We are introducing an ecofriendly solar bicycle
which will support a pollution free environment. In addition, it will also support the good health of the rider as bicycle riding will engage a lot more balance and coordination than riding a car. It is pocket friendly and convenient way to travel short distance. Assembly consist of BLDC motor, Solar panel , Boost converter, Lead Acid Battery, Motor controller, throttle which works as an accelerator and a battery indicator . The solar panel is used to charge the lead acid battery through boost converter, which drives the BLDC motor connected to Pedal pass. While cycling if pedal is used, motor consumes less power and so the distance travelled will be doubled. To enhance the visual experience of user, Battery indicator is provided to monitor the battery status. The Motor controller acts as a brain of the bicycle. It orchestrates every component in the bicycle. During Cloudy Weather conditions USB charger can be utilized as an alternative to charge the battery.

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Niwalkar, P. ., Daware, S., Rane, P. ., Gujarati, P. ., & Lakhanpal, N. . (2020). Ecofriendly Solar Bicycle. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(04), 76-82. Retrieved from