Getting Aluminum Bronze Castings with SHS-Cast

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Zinnur T. Zagretdinov


Aluminum bronzes are used in the automotive, aviation and instrument-making, machine-tool and defense, oil and chemical industries due to the high mechanical and anti-friction properties. The corrosion resistance of the alloy makes it possible to use aluminum bronze parts in seawater, so they are widely used in shipbuilding, and the excellent antifriction properties of the alloy allow it to be used instead of tin bronzes, cheapening the cost of parts and their weight. The high cost of raw materials and electricity, multi-process technology and the complexity of the equipment design causes the high cost of the resulting alloy. A technology is proposed for obtaining bronzes from machine-building enterprises waste by means of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, which occurs without external heat supply, without complicated machines and units and combines melting and pouring of the casting in one process. It is proposed to use copper scale, blacksmith, and aluminum chips as the starting materials. The technological process is based on a synergistic complex of casting and metallurgical factors affecting the melt in the stages of its melt preparation and crystallization in a mold. The resource-saving and waste-free process is implemented using the process of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.

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