A Wavelet Based Concatenation Algorithm for Gujarati Speech Synthesis

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priyanka Gujarathi


Speech is used to express information, emotions, and feelings. The goal of Text to speech system (TTS) is the automatic conversion of written text into corresponding speech signal. TTS system is widely useful for the people with disabilities and very useful tool for visually challenged person. TTS synthesizers are available in many Indian languages along with English. It has been observed that people feel more comfortable in hearing their own native
language than other language. In this research work Guajarati language is used and small footprint of database is created. Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the people of Gujarat. Indian languages are syllable centred, where pronunciations are mainly based on syllables. A Syllable can be the best unit for Indian language Speech synthesis systems. In this paper Wavelet-Domain algorithm is used for concatenation of extracted
syllables. Different syllables are concatenated to get natural sounding words. Subjective listening test Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is carried out with list of questionnaires.

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