Mathematical Modelling and Energy Accounting of Heaters for Growing Stock

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Dmitry A. Tikhomirov
Sergey A. Rastimeshin
Stanislav S. Trunov
Victoria Yu. Ukhanova
Alexey V. Kuzmichev


The article analyzes and summarizes research on the theory of local heating of young stock. The main provisions of the analytical assessment of the temperature felt by animals during their artificial heating are considered. The modes of heat transfer for a standing and lying animal under external heat exposure are considered. The heat balance calculation scheme is presented using the example of a piglet. One of the main indicators of the thermal
state of animals is sufficiently strictly defined — the temperature of its surface. This indicator is crucial in the development of methods for choosing the energy parameters of local heating means. The change of external exposure to infrared radiation can influence the thermal state of the animal.

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Tikhomirov, D. A. ., Rastimeshin, S. A. ., Trunov, S. S. ., Ukhanova, V. Y. ., & Kuzmichev, A. V. . (2020). Mathematical Modelling and Energy Accounting of Heaters for Growing Stock. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(04), 13-20. Retrieved from