Forensic Analysis of Third-party Mobile Application

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Majid AL Thebaity
Shailendra Mishra
Manoj Kumar Shukla


The expansion of the phone's memory space and processing power comprise some of the primary contributing factors to the evolution of digital crime. Therefore, wide adoption and reliance of third-party applications expose individuals to various digital crimes. In this research both qualitative and quantitative methods are used. The recovered data items from the phone's memory were classified and facilitate the description of the recoverable
app and user information after the deletion of the social networking app like Facebook. The choice of Facebook as the subject app for investigation arises from the fact that it comprises one of the major social network platforms. Some of the recoverable data in both scenarios include but not limited to text messages, login information, friends' information, and user account details, among others. The research seeks to fill an existing gap concerning the
establishment of the location and types of recoverable data after the uninstallation of the Facebook application from a smartphone device.

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Thebaity, M. A., Mishra, S. ., & Shukla, M. K. . (2020). Forensic Analysis of Third-party Mobile Application. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(04), 32-38. Retrieved from