Structural Modelling to Study the Role of Attitude and Risk Taking Behavior

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Rail M. Shamionov
Marina V Grigoryeva


Social activity of young people is the condition for social and personal development. In this study we set the role of attitudes and proneness to risk in young people’s social activity. 305 people aged М=21.2, SD=2.95 (35.4% men; 64.6% women) took part in the study. As a result of the study we have found out that socially oriented activity is one of the tools for fulfillment of the need for new impressions. The degree of manifestation of socially oriented activity is positively correlated with the number of friends; emotional, motivational and behavioral
components of social activity are positively correlated with the participation of young people’s parents in social life of their country and their personal civil identity. Based on structural modeling, we came to the conclusion that the following things are important for manifestation level of general activity (1) coordinated effect (influence) of attitudes regarding the possibility of social activity in the country and socially oriented activity, and (2) age effect
(negatively) and socially oriented activity through the tendency to risky behavior independent of each other.

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