Role of the "Green" Philosophy and Bionics on the Development of Eco- Design Clothing

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Klara H. Karamova


The article is devoted to the fundamental role and evolution of costume in human ethnography , its material and spiritual culture, public relations and family life, the disclosure of its nature-like characteristics and the impact on the development of modern trends in the world of the clothing industry.

Folk costume as one of the most essential types of decorative and applied art is of the greatest interest and fully embodies the diverse connections of a person with the outside world. Its design is one of the most dynamic types of the whole variety , all changes in the life of society are reflected in it through the use of current signs and symbols. The authors carried out the systematic work on the study of "Green" philosophy, the principle of respectful management of the environment. Careful attitude to nature and the search for means of preserving the environment through eco-design clothing, unique ways to improve the eco-system and acute pollution control due to the use of natural and eco-materials in fabrics and clothing are taken into consideration.

The laws of shaping in the design of the national costume in the context of "Green" philosophy and bionics together with the historical method allow to consider the evolution of the formation and accumulation of knowledge about bionic principles and formulate its fundamental importance for the development of artistic culture.

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