The Role of QR Codes in FLT

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Leysan Shayakhmetova


Modern education sets the task to prepare active and responsible graduates who will later be able to transform the life of his country in all its spheres. Teachers can only encourage this through the use of new and interesting teaching methods and educational technologies. The article shows the possibility of QR-codes as an interactive learning tool that can increase the interest and motivation of students. The task of this article is to examine the usage and the productiveness of implementing the QR codes. The application of QR technologies in the educational process will allow students to increase the interest in the educational process and the study of disciplines, get timely and full information to the student without the effect of waste. This technology will increase the availability of information, improve the quality of feedback during activities, improve their focus, and allow them to perform as close as possible to the interests of students. It is recommended to use scanners from well-known manufacturers, so that to be sure of its security and the absence of malware when going through unknown link. The survey was conducted among the students of Kostanay State Pedagogical University, and according to result we made a discussion.

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