Healthcare Management: Prospects and Risks of Using Blockchain Technology

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Li Wenzheng
Marina Alievna Tappaskhanova
Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa
Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova
Vitaly V. Goncharov


Blockchain technology is a fundamental discovery that plays an indispensable part in today's professional world. this technology has even entered many industries and businesses these days. Even the health sector has not been spared from this trend. Blockchain is slowly preparing to enter the medical industry. Over the past five years, global technology giants such as IBM have devoted considerable resources to conduct comprehensive studies on the Chinese bloc. The results of these studies result in greater knowledge of the applications of this technology in the field of health and wellness. The results of a survey show that more than half of health executives are keen to see some form of blockchain technology enter the medical system in the future. The study grants an overview of appearing blockchain-healthcare technologies and relevant applications, highlighting studies in this area, and demonstrates the blockchain technology's potentials in enhancing the healthcare industry.

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Li Wenzheng, Marina Alievna Tappaskhanova, Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa, Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova, & Vitaly V. Goncharov. (2020). Healthcare Management: Prospects and Risks of Using Blockchain Technology. Helix, 10(05), 230-235. Retrieved from