Intellectual Test System for Internal Combustion Engines

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Lenar A. Galiullin


An integral part of the complex process of creating, improving and producing internal combustion engines are testing them. This is explained by the fact that only during testing you can determine the overall technical and economic efficiency of the engine created or upgraded, the actual loads on its parts and assemblies, as well as the correctness of the production technology of serial engines. Mathematical models of engines based on differential equations, tabular structure and artificial intelligence are considered. Among the methods of artificial intelligence highlighted fuzzy logic, allowing better describe the process of controlling the internal combustion engine. The object of control is a test bench with an installed engine and technological equipment, providing testing. Depending on the type of testing, the composition of the equipment interacting with system and the technology of testing can vary. Tests are among the most responsible and time-consuming stages of the life cycle of the engine. At this stage, the final assessment of the structure is carried out, its compliance with technical and technological requirements is determined.

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