Competence and Commitment: Two Factors that Impact Performance in Organizations

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Paisal Halim


Outstanding performance is a performance that follows systems according to planned criteria. However, in performance,
it must have to have several standards so that efficiency increases so that the company usually runs according to what it
wants. To improve employee performance, many factors have an immediate impact on it besides mastering technology and
adapting to the global system. The goal of this research is to analyze the impact of competency variables and employee
commitment to their performance at work. This study uses a cluster random sampling method with a total sample of 110
respondents. Retrieval of primary data through surveys with questionnaire instruments. In this study compensation
indicators are direct and indirect, competency indicators namely: intellectual, emotional and social, indicators of
organizational commitment namely affective commitment, commitment continuity, and normative commitment, and
performance indicators namely: quality, quantity, timeliness, effectiveness, and independence. The results of this study are
the positive and significant influence of competency variables and commitment to employee performance at work. There
is a tendency that the two factors are the main factors in improving individual performance better. Significantly there will
be an increase in performance if the competencies of employees further enhanced according to today's world technology.
Another factor that should be considered is the knowledge factor that will make competence and commitment higher for
the organization.

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