In Silico Vaccine Designing Against Hepatitis C Virus

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G Jyothsna


Hepatitis is an infection of the liver caused by Hepatitis C virus. Though it’s a viral infection affecting many individuals there is no good vaccine till date to prevent the infection. With the development in Science and technology, advancement in the protein databases and bio informatics application, designing a peptide vaccine has become more authentic and accurate for the prevention of these viral infections. Paper involves the proteomic analysis of the virus and identification of potential antigenic proteins and their pathogenic peptides in a series of rational steps. Once the antigenic peptides are identified they are filtered and selected based on their degree of antigenicity called as antigenic propensity. The final peptide selected with highest antigenic propensity is subjected for 3D structure designing in Argus lab software and the energy is calculated. This peptide can be further processed in laboratory to develop into a suitable peptide vaccine to prevent the infection.

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