A Review on Various Water purification techniques with Neem and Tulsi Extracts

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Jyothsna Desu


Water being the universal solvent and one of the first essential requirements of any life, demands an utmost care and attention for maintaining its quality and quantity on earth. Due to a high increase in the pollution rate and use of non bio-degradable substances the water resources are being contaminated day by day. It becomes a key aspect to purify the water not only from its physical impurities but also to clear it from its biological impurities retaining its nutritional quality. In spite of the availability of several traditional methods of water purification techniques, the busy corporate life demands an alternative, easy and economic method for practical ease. Being known that India is gifted with an archive of medicinal herbs posessing answers for all kinds of health issues, the review aims to select and study some useful, magical medicinal plants that can exhibit their efficacy in purification of water with ts bactericidal and fungicidal activities and enhancing is quality. The current review focuses on the importance of various water purification techniques and the use of herbal extracts in the purification and quality enhancement of potable water. The review also highlights various herbs and Plants with medicinal values that can be used in water purification techniques. 

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