Secured Anomalous Detection for Personal Healthcare System

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Pradeep. B. Mane
Divya Katariya


Advances and developments in medical systems have prompted a heightening in Implantable and Wearable Medical Devices(IWMD’s).IWMD's normally incorporate remote correspondence interface through which they can be associated with Body Area Network(BAN). However, the programmability and remote availability of medicinal gadgets open up open doors for malicious attackers otherwise called anomalies. Therefore, there is a need to detect anomaly which is a vital issue that has been explored inside diverse research zones and applications. In this paper, a non-invasive method or secured framework is used for detection of anomaly that fortify against Radio Frequency attacks that are wirelessly caused on the PHS’s(Personal Healthcare System). The proposal is based on a medical security monitor that investigates all the radio-frequency wireless communications to/from medical devices. It identifies malicious transactions using 3 techniques viz, RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), Password and Time Anomaly. Upon detection of an anomalous transaction, it takes suitable response actions such as jamming the commands so that they do not harm the therapeutic gadget. The performance of the system is determined by developing a prototype implementation for monitoring Lung Capacity using Spirometer along with Temperature monitoring using two Radio Peripheral boards i.e. Zigbee. Moving towards the 3rd layer of protection, proves that the system is able to obstruct all kind of attacks resulting in 100 % accuracy showing that it is an effective method to increase the security of BAN.

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