Challenges in Mining Industry and Addressing through Research and Innovation

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M. S. Tiwari
V. M. S. R. Murthy
A. K. Raina


Indian economy is growing at a fast pace and the mining industry has to support the supply of minerals, metals and
energy to sustain the growth rate. A plan needs to be devised which address issues raised by steep production
demands as current system will be unable to provide solutions. Integration of various components of mining like
innovative technology, instrumentation, data analysis, suitable changes in curriculum of academia and training
facilities etc. are needed to meet the challenges. A system approach with participation of all stake holders is needed
wherein every component is converted to a state of art unit so as to provide solutions to problems in their respective
domains. Mining industry, service providers like machinery and explosive manufacturers, R & D institutions and
academia has to work in harmony to achieve the goals.

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