Numerical Modelling of Braced Sheet Pile

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A. A Mehta
Abhay Srivastava


Multiple basement construction and constructions of highrise structures are well known in modern era. The
braced sheet pile was provided for deep excavation to avoid failures. For adequate safety of structure and
adjoining soil, detailed analysis is required. Many previous researchers have focused their research in this area.
In this study numerical modelling of braced sheet pile is done using Plaxis 2D FEM based software. The model
was developed for three soil type viz. Silty sand, Soft clay and Sand. The depth of braced sheet pile was
30metres. The strut was placed at 4.5m, 9m, 13m, 17m and 18m. The analysis was carried out with different soil
parameters e.g friction, young’s modulus etc of soil for all the three cases. The behaviour of Sheet pile wall such
as Shear forces, Axial forces, Bending moment, Total displacement etc. under different soil condition was
calculated by commercially available Finite element based software Plaxis 2D and obtained results were
compared with previous obtained result. It was observed that the obtained results were found in agreement with
previous results.

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