Slope Stability Analysis by GeoSlope

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P. P. Dahale
Talha Nalgire
A. A. Mehta
P. D. Hiwase


The present study is concerning to the stability analysis done for the dump slope of WCL Makardhokara-2 open
cast mine in Umred, District Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. In this area dump failures are reported due to the
improper geometry of the dumps. Slope stability analysis by seven finite slope stability methods namely
Morgenstern price method, Spencer method, Sarma method, Bishop method, Janbu method and ordinary method
is done using GeoSlope software for the dump slope in Makardhokara site. At the obtained results are compared
and presented.

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P. P. Dahale, Nalgire, T. ., A. A. Mehta, & P. D. Hiwase. (2020). Slope Stability Analysis by GeoSlope. Helix - The Scientific Explorer | Peer Reviewed Bimonthly International Journal, 10(01), 71-75. Retrieved from