Pullout Behaviour of Screw and Suction Piles in Clayey Soil

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Anuj Kumar Sharma
Kameshwar Rao Tallapragada
Prabodh D Pachpor


Screw piles are mostly used in the foundations to provide structural stability against axial compression, uplift
tension, overturning moment and lateral forces. Where there are problems in poor foundation material, remote
locations with reclaimed and soil deposits, screw piles are more commonly used as structural foundation.
Previously the behaviour of multiple anchors in clayey soils at different embedment depth with different pitch
has not been studied extensively. In this project an experimental programme on model screw anchors was
conducted and studied.
The aim behind to choose laboratory tests is to get an advantage of allowing close control of at least some of
the variables encountered in practice. In this way, trends and behaviour patterns observed in the laboratory can
be of value in developing an understanding of performance of screw piles at larger scales. In addition,
observations made in laboratory testing on different screw piles can be used in conjunction on a same graph.

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