Review of Limit Equilibrium Methods for Stability Analysis of Dump Slope

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Hemant K Singh
Sumit S Geete
Manoj S Tiwari
Vaishali J Rajurkar


OBD slope is artificial dump slope. OBD material is excavated material during extraction of the mineral or coal
from the earth. Stability analysis of the overburden dump slope is crucial issue in mining industry. Assessment
of the factor of safety of OBD slopes on the basis of the limit equilibrium methods are widely used in India.
Limit equilibrium methods based on finding path of least resistance offered to sliding of the upper wedge of
dump slope. Sliding surface may be circular or non-circular depends on the material of dump slope. Failures of
overburden dump slope mostly will be circular. Circular failure occurs, when size of individual particles of
fractured OBD will be very much less than overall size of slope. Discontinuities in the OBD slope are source of
failure. Discontinuities are connected to each other and results into instability of the OBD slope. In this paper
dealt with formulation of various limit equilibrium methods and its application to the calculation of factor of
safety of the OBD slope. Overall comparison of limit equilibrium methods was done on the basis of free body
diagram of failure surface wedge.

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