Analysis & Design of Beamless Slab

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Varsha R. Harne
Manoj Hukre


The flat slab system now-days is largely used in construction. It allows architectural flexibility, more clear
space, less building height, easier formwork and less construction time. Flat slab is defined as one sided or twosided
support system with shear load of the slab being concentrated on the supporting columns and a square
slab called ‘drop panels’ This paper presents computational analysis and design of flat slabs supported directly
on column. To carry out an extensive parametric study, three-dimensional finite element analysis has been
carried out by using The study contains the design of G+8 storey building where the height of top
floor was exceeding the permissible height and simultaneously the construction was to be done in designed time
frame. The behaviour of stresses in flat slab and design for safe shear are aimed by providing additional shear
reinforcement. Space analysis of the achieved results are found to be under permissible limits and design is
carried out as per the relevant IS codes.

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