Comparison of Shoot through Technique for Series Z-Source Inverter

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Mohan M Renge
Rahul V Adle


Z-source inverter (ZSI) can boost the dc link voltage of an inverter using shoot through state. Shoot through can
be achieved in all three phase i.e. phase r, phase y, phase b. In shoot through state, upper three and lower three
switches of the same phase leg of the inverter are turn ON. There are different ways of shoot through by making
ON two switches of the phase r or y or b or ry or yb or ba or ryb. ZSI can enter in to shoot through state with boost
operation depending upon modulating index. In this paper different shoot through technique for series Z-source
inverter (SZSI) are presented. In shoot through state inductors becomes in charge position while capacitors are in
discharge position and in non shoot through it is vice versa. Simulation results validate the performance of SZSI.

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