Digitalization of the Russian Agricultural Sector

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Tatyana Yarkova


In the conditions of the modern industrialization era, digitalization issues in all areas of the economy are becoming more significant and relevant. The foreign countries experience indicates the positive effect of such processes. All developed countries are actively striving to transfer from semi-automated or mechanized to the labor fully controlled by programs and engineering technologies. This approach was found as first of all in the industrial
sphere, and then in the agro-industrial complex. Today in Russia there are acute questions at the state level related to the economy digitalization process. Experts objectively indicate the benefits of software engineering products in agriculture and the agro-industrial complex as a whole. Along with automation and robotization processes, an important place is occupied by information platforms that allow solving significant problems for farmers and
consumers of agricultural raw materials, means of production, as well as food production and supply. This applies primarily to the exchange of goods. The expected positive digitalization effect on the agrarian economy is enormous and does not involve any risks and threats for Russia, but for all that it is a very long process. Speeding up the processes of solving such problems will require international mutually beneficial cooperation.

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